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You can customize your nano lift to make the most of your interior design. We color your lift to your preferences.

Indoors & Outdoors Nano lift

Machine Roomless Home Lift

Nano lift adapts to your home, not the other way around. Nano Lift travels inside a robust and elegant aluminum shaft structure that is designed for use indoor and outdoor in residential premises. It is smooth in movement and extremely safe. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, Nano Lift is suitable for the most challenging situations with narrow staircase or reduced spaces that allows the installation in any architectural context, both in new and existing buildings.

Minimum ­Construction Work

Nano Lift installation procedure requires minimum builder’s work, it comes with a reduced pit and headroom. Nano Lift is a truly all-around product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and tastes.

Wheelchair Accessible

It is also the ideal solution for elderly persons and those with impaired mobility , our nano lift will help them gain their independence and freedom from stairs.

Aluminum Shaft Structure

Nano Lift travels inside a robust and elegant aluminum structure, called shaft structure. The aluminum shaft structure is exceptionally light and robust allowing to place Nano Lift anywhere, even outdoor. It guarantees an enhanced usability of spaces without affecting the architectural context. The structure is supplied as standard, the aluminum structure does not require any surface processing, it does neither deform, and it is weatherproof and does not change over the time.

Customize Your Nano Lift

We understand that individual needs are different, so we’ve become flexible to meet our clients needs without compromising the quality of our finished work. We have a flexible manufacturing capabilities providing custom design service. We can modify any design in our offerings or deliver a completely unique customized design.

General Characteristics
  • Drive: Made in Germany/Italy Gearless machine.
  • Nano lift services a distance of up to 4 floors with the availability to install up to 3 doors at different directions in each floor.
  • The control unite dimensions is 600x280x1000mm . It can be easily concealed in the roof / garage, because It can be installed up to 7 meters far from the lift.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • In case of power failure, an automatic controlled device brings the car back to the landing floor and allows the exit of passengers.
  • It comes with a key lock to prevent unauthorized persons from using the elevator.
  • The car is enclosed on three sides and the infrared barrier on the access side guarantees passengers’ safety.

Nano Lift

Shaft Structure

Aluminum Shaft Structure

Pit Dimension

Min. 500 mm

Overhead Room

Min. 3000 mm


Up to 4 Stops

Drive System


Control Unite



Up to 400 kg or Wheelchair

Nano Lift Standard Features


Fits a standard sized wheelchair

Indoors / Outdoors

Can be installed indoors or outdoors


Travels up to 4 Floors


Can be customized to your taste


Up to 400 kg


Balcony or outdoors


Mechanical emergency brake system

Power Consumption

380 volt / 3 phase electrical outlet


Up to 3 doors in each floor

Comfort & Luxury

For many years, only few people could afford a residential lift, although times have indeed changed. While many people are opting for this choice due to convenience or even as a mobility aid, for others, a residential lift is the ultimate lifestyle choice, as well as an incredible addition to a luxury home.

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